Behind the screens

I grew up in Stockholm, Sweden but moved to B.C. Canada for eight years in the 90´s. I currently live in Nyköping about 1h south of Stockholm, with my family. I am a nice crossing between Big City and Country Girl who have lived a lot abroad. 

Likes = Humor, tailwind, caring, experiences, chocolate

Dislikes = Snakes, disappointment, heights, stewed spinach, whining

With a very colorful production gene in my veins, I can put on my creative helmet and produce printed materials, logos or usability tests for hours, or easily copy/paste until my fingers fall off. I am great with customer contacts, very flexible, extremely loyal and have a great deal of logical thinking, high communication skills… and have never missed a deadline. My strengths are creativity and efficiency. After living in Canada I speak English fluently.


I have had my own company for many years now. It has been run on a full-time or half-time basis since 2016. Some of my largest clients are: A Car dealership, a local Municipality, a monthly Magazine, a Daily Newspaper, a Print shop, The Swedish Church and a Real Estate company.

I have always been very keen on user experience and flow… which is why I decided to start studying UX design at the UX Design Institute, by University of Glasgow. I finished my Professional Diploma in UX Design in January 2020. Because I have a vision to advance more in the digital field, I also studied Digital Communications by Nackademin i Stockholm and even  got my certificate in  Google Analytics, Google Ads Search. 

🙂 I firmly believe in having fun together… that’s when the best ideas are born.

A few good reasons to have me on your team

  • Excellent time-management skills and a proven record of delivering all projects on time.
  • Self-motivated, self-driving and flexible.
  • Great at working by myself without much guidance.
  • Loves teamwork and team efforts.
  • Humble and always respect other peoples jobs and positions.
  • Creative, even under pressure.
  • Highly proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Design within set brand guidelines.
  • My designs are flawless and colorful and always offers that little extra detail (according to my former co-workers).
  • Willing and excited to learn new things.
  • Extremely loyal and big hearted.
  • Genuinely nice person who is great to work with and always want to help out.
  • I can focus on work wholeheartedly as my kids are in their late teens, and I never have to be at home with sick kids again 🙂

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